Did you know that carpeting can hold four times its weight in dirt? Unfortunately, dirt isn't the only thing our pets can track into the house. While dirt and grime aren't necessarily visible on our carpeting and rugs, we should suspect their presence along with allergens and even bacteria. Fortunately, with routine cleaning and periodic professional steam cleaning, you can keep your carpeting looking--and smelling--clean.

Cats and Dogs and Poo--Oh, My!

Fecal matter and its associated germs like E.coli can get into our homes onto our rugs on our shoes and children's shoes, but with a bit of 'training,' we can remember to take our shoes off near the door. Cats and dogs--especially dogs--are not so fastidious about their personal hygiene. It's a sad truth that many dogs actually 'prefer' to roll around in dog poo and will not hesitate to track it into the house and onto the rug (and furniture)!

Grass and Mud On Carpet

Carpeting can hold more bacteria than you care to know (if you care to know--its 4,000 times more than your toilet). Pets can track grass clippings, dirt and mud onto your carpeting and rugs. If they're tracking in these materials, you can rest assured that they're also bringing in pollen and other allergens. Once mud and grass stains settle on carpet fibers, they can be difficult to remove with over-the-counter cleaning products.

Maintaining Clean Carpeting

Whether it's Indiana's wintery slush or spring mud or Trying to remove dog vomit from carpetpet vomit and other bugs, the soil that pets deliver to our rugs is going to linger on your carpeting until you take reliable steps to remove them. It's a good idea to have your carpeting and rugs cleaned professionally every six months if you have a pet, but you may need more frequent professional cleaning if you have several pets.

Professional cleaning will remove soil and odors safely without damaging your carpetings. All-Round Cleaning features experienced cleaners who specialize in water extraction cleaning methods and green cleaning solutions. They can also provide rug dyeing service when needed. To keep your rugs and carpeting as soil-free as possible between cleanings, you can try to clean your pets' paws at the door or even have them wear special pet booties outdoors.