Germs can hide in your carpetPeople throughout Indianapolis as elsewhere are concerned about the spread of viruses like COVID-19 not to mention more common illnesses like colds and flu. Unfortunately, keeping our homes germ-free is not always easy. Our pets track them in on their paws. We track them in our shoes and, if we've caught the bug ourselves, we spread it via the air to other members of our household. There are tried and true ways we can keep our carpets clean in order to reduce the risk for contracting these illnesses. Use the following information to clean your carpets and maintain a cleaner, healthier home.

Why Do 'Bugs' Love Our Rugs?

Bacteria and viruses--germs we often refer to as bugs--are microscopic organisms that can cause illness if introduced to our bodies. Most of us with healthy immune systems fight them off admirably well, but if you've ever succumbed to a common cold, you've had a reminder that no one is immune to all of these unpleasant germs. It's true, our carpeting can harbor germs. Interestingly, however, a tile floor transfers germs more quickly than a carpet or wood floor if you drop a piece of bread onto it. However, the longer a piece of food sits on a floor, carpeted or tiled, it will become increasingly contaminated by any germs that may be present on it. The germs remain sitting on the surface of the flooring or trapped in the fibers of the carpeting until they are cleaned.

Cleaning Your Carpet

One advantage of tile is that we can easily apply anti-bacterial cleaners to the surface for a quick and effective cleanup of serious germs like staph, influenza, salmonella, or even coronavirus. It's a little trickier with carpeting. For one, if you attempt to use a disinfectant on your carpeting, you could void its warranty.

The first thing you can do to maintain your clean carpeting is stick to a routine vacuuming schedule. Ensure your vacuum has a HEPA filter to trap those nasty bugs. A vacuum with a heavy-duty filtration system can also remove more dirt and germs that may be more deeply embedded in carpets or rugs.

Professional steam cleaning or cleaning with professional carpet cleaning equipment is the best method for removing germ buildup safely from your carpeting. For residents of Indiana, it makes sense to get on a seasonal professional carpet cleaning schedule. Cold and flu season can strike hard in late fall, so consider contacting All-Round Cleaning for professional carpet cleaning before the holidays. Then, have your carpets steam cleaned or detergent cleaned in spring to clear out the winter's worth of germ build-up.

If you're concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic or simply want to ensure as clean a setting as possible, you can contact a professional carpet cleaning service, like All-Round Cleaning for home sanitizing services or a deep clean for all your home's rugs and carpeting.

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