Carpet stains can be downright frustrating. No matter how we try to protect our carpets and rugs from spills and stain-causing debris, it seems that stains in carpet are inevitable. But you don't have to accept the fate of a stained carpet. While some of the most common stains are also among the most stubborn, there are strategies you can take for removing them. Use these DIY carpet cleaning tips to keep your Central Indiana home's carpeting and rugs stain free.

Pet Accidents


Your four-legged family members add lots of joy to households. Sometimes, your cat’s or dog’s potty practices leave much to be desired. Pet 'accidents' are among the most common carpet stains.


Urine and feces from cats and dogs can create stains and leave you with carpet odor. Fortunately, there are enzyme cleaners on the market that can safely remove both stains and odors from carpeting and rugs. First, you'll want to remove any solid waste and wick away as much liquid as possible. Then, use the enzyme cleaner as directed. For carpets and rugs that are heavily soiled from pets, consider contacting All-Round cleaning for our powerful steam-cleaning solutions.

Mud Stains


Kids and pets are notorious for tracking in dirt and mud. A muddy stain can be a nightmare to clean up, but you can prevent / remove these types of stains, even when they are ground into carpet fibers.


To clean and remove a mud stain from your rug, you'll first need to let the mud dry. It's much easier to remove it this way. Once it's dry, run your vacuum over the spot slowly, making about 15 passes. This should remove quite a bit of the mess. To clean the remainder, you can try a solution of one teaspoon of dish soap and a cup of warm water. Apply the solution as needed and blot until you see the stain lifted.

Grease / Oil


When you're in a hurry, you might not notice that you're tracking grease or oil from your driveway or garage into your home--and onto you nice, clean carpeting. Oil-based carpet and rug stains are stubborn, but you can often remove them successfully.


First, apply baking soda to the stain and let it sit there for about 15 minutes. Baking soda is gentle and should not harm your carpet or rug fibers. If you don't have baking soda on hand, you can also use corn starch. After 15 minutes, vacuum the resident. This should do the trick, but if you still note the presence of a stain, it's a good ideal to let the professionals handle this type of troublesome stain.

What If DIY Carpet Cleaning Doesn’t Work?

Often, these tips DIY carpet cleaner tips will prove effective for your Indianapolis-area home. However, if you are concerned because you have an antique rug or brand-new carpeting, you might want to rely on the carpet cleaning pros at All-Round Cleaning. We provide carpet and cleaning, dyeing, and stain removal services for Central Indiana, including the Greater Indianapolis region.

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