Carpet ripple in Indianapolis homeCarpeting that buckles or ripples is a nuisance, but it can be downright hazardous too. It's easy to trip and fall over carpet wrinkles, but these common carpeting issues can detract from the look of your living space too. Buckling and rippling can occur for various reasons. Fortunately, you can have this problem repaired with carpet stretching.

Can Carpet Ripple From Humidity?

Yes! Humidity is a leading cause of carpet wrinkling. When humidity levels climb, moisture can get into your carpeting and cause it to swell. This expansion can lead to those tell-tale ripples. During an Indiana summer running your air conditioning system can help prevent this problem. However, if you already notice severe buckling, you'll want to have a professional service like All-Round Cleaning repair the problem.

Can Carpet Buckle From Improper Installation?

Yes! Carpeting that has been installed improperly is prone to buckling. If installers have not stretched your wall-to-wall carpeting adequately, it will eventually ripple. In addition, if your installers use improper underlayer cushioning for your carpeting, it can also cause buckling to occur.

Can Ripple From Dragging Heavy Items across the Carpet?

Yes! Moving heavy furnishings by dragging them across your carpeting can lead to buckling. If you aren't able to lift heavy furnishings like sofas or TV consoles, try using sliders. These can protect your carpeting and flooring and make moving furniture a breeze.

Repairing Carpeting that Has Buckled or Rippled

All-Round Cleaning features various carpeting and rug repairing services, including carpet stretching. We can provide the skilled technicians and equipment needed to perform this service. We'll carefully stretch your carpeting before resecuring it to its fastenings. We'll make sure that all buckles and ripples have been eliminated and leave your carpeting less prone to this occurrence in the future.

The best time to have your carpets professionally cleaned is after you've had them stretched. We can provide professional cleaning services after making your carpet repairs. We feature an effective water extraction method and other green cleaning measures to achieve a deep, noticeable clean for your carpeting. Call or schedule your carpet repair or cleaning service today.

All-Round Cleaning has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. We proudly serve the Central Indiana area, including metro Indianapolis, Bloomington, Greensburg, Muncie, and Lafayete.