Are you concerned about the ripples and bumps in your carpet that seem to have come out of nowhere?

When we arrive at a job site, our customers want to know why their carpet is rippled and bunched up.  There is not one reason why this happens. In fact, there are multiple factors that come into play. The most likely culprit is a poor installation by your carpet installer.

This is sad to say, but some businesses will cut corners at your expense, if they can get away with it. They used knee kickers to install your carpet knowing you would be none the wiser for it. Your carpet probably looked perfect for six months or so before you started noticing the buckling and rippling. By then your carpet installer is long gone.

Proper Carpet Installation and Stretching

To properly install carpet a power stretcher is needed. This tool stretches your carpet the way it needs to be stretched to last for the long haul. If a poor installation wasn’t the cause, a failed tack strip is also something to consider. This is a relatively common occurrence that can be remedied by replacing the damaged tack-strip with a new one and re-stretching your carpet.

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