Kids bring so much joy to a home--and so much mess! And often, the harder you try to protect your carpeting from spills, the more it seems like a magnet for them. Whether you're raising an infant just learning to crawl with her sippy cup in tow or a teenager who likes to juggle his snacks, soda, and backpack on the way to his room, you know that spills happen. Fortunately, even the most stubborn carpet stains can be successfully removed when you know how.

How To Get Food Coloring Out Of Carpet

Time to get the red stain out of carpet from a juice spillProblem: Colored Juice Drinks and Soda

Red fruit juice drinks and colas can leave indelible traces in your carpet that says: the kids were here. Somehow the cheerful cherry and grape fizzy drinks don't look quite as pretty when they're splashed all over your expensive white shag. If your kids defied the rule to keep their drinks in the kitchen, don't despair. You can repair the problem if you act quickly.

Solution: Vinegar, Soap, & Water

To get red stain (or any other color) out of carpet, you'll want to remove as much of the liquid as possible by blotting the spill with a towel. Be sure you don't rub the coloring in. Just blot to remove the moisture from the carpet fibers. Then, apply a mix of white vinegar, mild soap (i.e. dish soap), and water via your trusty spray bottle. Let the mixture soak in for about ten minutes. Then, blot the area again and dry with a fresh, clean towel.

How To Get Ink Out of Carpet

Purple marker on carpetProblem: Markers and Ink

If your budding artist has gotten a marker or ink on your carpeting while perfecting her masterpiece, you can save your rug from the permanent memory of this event with some common household items.

Solution: Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is your friend when it comes to removing ink stains and marker from carpet. Again, the key is to act as quickly as you can. Apply alcohol to the soiled area and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then, use water and a clean towel to blot up the ink stain cleaning solution.

How To Clean Vomit Out Of Carpet, And Blood Too!

Problem: Blood and Vomit

Skinned knees and elbows can result in bloody scrapes. If the blood winds up on your rug, you can safely remove it without too much fuss. Likewise, you can also remove vomit from carpet similarly--but there's a key difference to keep in mind when cleaning up these messes.


You can use water and mild dish soap to clean up blood and vomit from your carpet, but keep this front and center in your mind: use cold water to get blood out of carpet and warm water to get rid of vomit. Again, acting quickly gives you the best chance of getting up the entire stain before it can set.

Call the Central Indiana Carpet Cleaning Professionals

To keep your carpeting fresh, clean, and stain free, it's a good idea to have it professionally cleaned by Indiana-based All-Round Cleaning. Our trained cleaners use a reliable water extraction method to clean all types of carpeting and remove stubborn stains. If you can't successfully remove Crayola and Koolaid stains in carpet, we can!

If your carpeting includes stained areas that cannot be removed by cleaning, we can actually provide carpet repair and restoration solutions like rug dyeing.

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