All-Round Cleaning features a wide range of services for renters, homeowners, and commercial property owners in and around Indianapolis. Whether you are moving out of your leased apartment and want to receive your security deposit back or you're moving into a new property, All-Round Cleaning can provide one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled cleaning. We feature a dedicated team of pros who are committed to putting our customers' needs first. Whether you need carpet cleaning or complete interior cleaning, we can provide the services you need when it's time to move out.

Living Areas

Living areas are frequently high-traffic areas. Soiled carpets may need professional cleaning or require pet odor removal solutions. We can provide deep cleaning services that are customized to your living area's needs. We clean windows, walls, floors, and carpet cleaning. By getting your setting move-out ready, it's also move-in ready for future property owners or tenants.

Kitchen and Laundry Room

Any move-out cleaning checklist will naturally include the kitchen and typically the laundry room too. Kitchens may require deep cleaning depending on your needs. We clean ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, countertops, and floors. We can even clean dingy grout.


A clean bathroom is essential for good hygiene. Let us provide deep bathroom cleaning to ensure that it's dirt and grime free. We can clean tile grout on walls and floors and scour tubs, sinks, and toilets for an all-over clean.


Let All-Round Cleaning provide you with broom-clean floors. Does your carpet need deep cleaning to remove stains or odors? Perhaps your carpet is frayed or contains pet damage and needs repairs. We clean all types of floors whether they're carpeted or hardwood. We feature the ideal cleaners for each type of surface.

If you're in need of deep cleaning--a fresh clean you can smell, let All-Round Clean provide you with the cleaning services you need to move out with a clean slate. We are a family-owned, customer-focused business that's able to tailor our services to your needs. Call to learn more about our professional cleaning services.