As a pet owner, you understand the level of damage that a pet can inflict on a carpet. Even with this understanding, it is hard to be upset with your pet for damaging the carpet. Pets will claw, scratch, bite, chew, and urinate on your carpet for any number of reasons. When the inevitable happens, a simple phone call to us will make your pet damage woes disappear.

Carpet Repair and Restoration

We have seen just about everything that a pet can do to a carpet. Our carpet repair solutions will make your carpet look fantastic again. We promise! In most cases of carpet damage, we will remove the damaged section of carpet and replace it with a “permanent section” of carpet remnant. The result is a carpet that looks like the damage never existed!

Pets damage carpet which we can repair

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Where do I find carpet repair near me?

All-Round Cleaning serves the Indianapolis area, and surrounding counties. We have trained and certified technicians who will help you fix any carpet damage that may occur!

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