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Our Staff

Our staff is trained, committed, and focused. Reporting malfunctions of fixtures and equipment to the appropriate personnel is part of our duty. We are equipped to serve with trained, experienced, insured, and bonded staff. In addition, we are sensitive to building security and access procedures.


We serve the metropolitan area of Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas. We provide dependable and superior service at a competitive price. Trust us to give you the all-round quality cleaning treatment.
All-Round Cleaning Company has a long-standing reputation as a dependable company. Whether your facility is a commercial office complex, an institutional or industrial facility, or simply a small business, we offer a full range of contract and on-demand facility services and cleaning solutions.


Customers deserve professionalism wherever they go. They are especially entitled to it when anyone comes to their home to perform a service, and here at All-Round Cleaning Company we do everything we can to respect that. For us, being a professional carpet cleaning company is of the utmost importance, both at the appointment and away from it.

Professional carpet cleaning at the appointment shows itself in many ways. It starts, of course, with our technicians. As professional carpet cleaners, they’re required to wear a clean, neat uniform, and to keep their vehicle and equipment tidy. Our professional carpet cleaners will be courteous and will do what they can to respect your needs and wishes throughout the appointment. Equally important to our professional carpet cleaning services is educating our customers on both our methods and the advantages our system can offer.

Our commitment to professional carpet cleaning isn’t limited to the appointment, but instead extends throughout all levels of the company. We provide outstandingly thorough carpet cleaning services.  We use professional, trained, background checked technicians. We use processes that are designed to completely remove dirt, substances, pet stains and odors that are your carpets. Our goal is to provide you with carpet cleaning services that get your house or facility to meet your stipulations for hygiene, safety, and appearance.

You see, at All-Round Cleaning Company we are a professional carpet cleaning company from the moment you choose us to when you say goodbye to our technicians. After all, you don’t deserve anything less than to have your carpet professionally cleaned by the very best.

Accreditations & Awards

All-Round Carpet Cleaning and Repair is one of Thumbtack's top pros for 2019
All-Round Cleaning in Indianapolis certified by IICRC
All-Round Cleaning in Indianapolis BBB Accredited and rated A+
All-Round Carpet Cleaning and Repair is one of Thumbtack's top pros for 2018
All-Round Carpet Cleaning and Repair is one of Thumbtack's top pros for 2017

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