Figuring out how to clean hardwood floors is fundamental for ensuring and keeping up your lovely residence. When you sweep and mop to clean hardwood floors, you’re not removing all the dirt. Cleaning hardwood floors requires deep dirt extraction because without it dirt, debris, and allergens settle into cracks and crevices. Sweeping and mopping are important steps to reduce the chance debris scratches the floor and to pick up daily dirt brought in by foot traffic. However, a professional hardwood cleaning is key to keeping dirt out of your floors.

All-Round Cleaning Company uses Dirt Dragon Wood Floor Scrubber machine making wood floor maintenance easy. This compact and powerful machine will deep clean wood floors without damaging the finish. The exclusive water containment and vacuum system will extract the toughest dirt and surface contaminants while leaving the floor immediately dry after use.

Our technicians have extensive training to clean hardwood floors, keeping your hardwood looking shiny, clean and, like new. We service solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, LVT, and linoleum.

Three form of cleaning that we provide:

Deep cleaning

Removing Acrylic Floor Finish

Some people apply acrylic floor finish on their hardwood and after several years the finish loses its shine, starts to look dull, and can even turn the flooring yellow. To keep your floor looking sparkling clean, you need to remove old acrylic floor finish before refinishing the floor.


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