Have you recently installed tile or wood flooring in your home?

Who doesn’t love the beauty and elegance that comes along with installing them? Wood and tile flooring not only adds visual appeal to your home it also significantly improves the value of your home! There is no downside to installing wood or tile flooring in your home. There is one issue that usually gets neglected after deciding to go with tile or wood. This is the carpet to tile transition.

A majority of homeowners opt to keep carpeting in the bedrooms because of the comfort and insulation value that it provides. Nobody likes to get out of bed to step onto a cold floor! So typically what we tend to see is where the tile and carpet meet, the carpet is usually frayed, curled or torn. This not only becomes an eyesore, it also becomes a hazard as well! A problem like this is something that is easily remedied when you give us a call, we have a variety of repair techniques that we can use depending on the circumstances.


Where do I find carpet repair near me?

All-Round Cleaning serves the Indianapolis area, and surrounding counties. We have trained and certified technicians who will help you fix any carpet damage that may occur!

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