Berber is known to be stain resistant, durable and affordable.

Making Berber carpet a perfect combination for people with kids or pets! Berber carpet is a style that has become popular over the years and for good reason. What gives Berber carpet its qualities is the way it is constructed.

Berber Carpeting Damage and Restoration

Berber is a looped pile carpet that is created using a single strand of carpet fiber or yarn instead of using individual tufts of yarn. This single strand construction makes it susceptible to damage, unfortunately. All it takes is a snag from a shoe or a sharp object to unravel a Berber carpet. It is not a pretty sight to see.

Once unraveled, what is left is row upon row of bare carpet. If your Berber carpet looks like this right now, we are the guys to call. We can have your Berber carpet looking brand new!

Berber carpet repair and cleaning

Where do I find carpet repair near me?

All-Round Cleaning serves the Indianapolis area, and surrounding counties. We have trained and certified technicians who will help you fix any carpet damage that may occur!

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