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​Customers deserve professionalism wherever they go. They are especially entitled to it when anyone comes to their home to perform a service, and here at All-Round Cleaning Company do everything we can to respect that. For us, being a professional carpet cleaning company is of the utmost importance, both at the appointment and away from it.

Professional carpet cleaning at the appointment shows itself in many ways. It starts, of course, with our technicians. As professional carpet cleaners, they’re required to wear a clean, neat uniform and to keep their vehicle and equipment tidy. Our professional carpet cleaners will be courteous and will do what they can to respect your needs and wishes throughout the appointment.

Equally important to our professional carpet cleaning services is educating our customers on both our methods and the advantages our system can offer.

Our commitment to professional carpet cleaning isn’t limited to the appointment, but instead extends throughout all levels of the company. We provide outstandingly thorough carpet cleaning services. we use professional, trained, background checked technicians. We use processes that are designed to completely remove dirt, substances, pet stains and odors that are your carpets.

Our goal is to provide you with carpet cleaning services that get your house or facility to meet your stipulations for hygiene, safety, and appearance.

You see, at All-Round Cleaning Company we are a professional carpet cleaning company from the moment you choose us to when you say goodbye to our technicians. After all, you don’t deserve anything less than to have your carpet professionally cleaned by the very best.

We don’t use odor masking agents. No hidden fees our prices are final including taxes.

The dirt in your carpet likes where it is – it has gotten close to the carpet fibers and started to form a bond with them. Oils have worked their way into high traffic areas, spots have been sitting a long time, and they all have a stranglehold on your carpet. Our carpet cleaning solutions are designed to break that hold. Our pre-spray will start the process in the worst areas, loosening the dirt and grime’s grip.

Need a carpet cleaning quote? No problem – just fill out the form online and the right number to call. Our customer service representatives will quickly create a carpet cleaning quote for you based on the exact number of rooms, staircases, hallways, or pieces of furniture you are looking to have cleaned. With All-Round Cleaning Company, you can get a carpet cleaning quote quickly and accurately.

Of course, a fast carpet cleaning quote doesn’t matter much if the carpet cleaning services aren’t very good, but you don’t have to worry about that with All-Round Cleaning Company, The unique carpet care system you’re being quoted for uses powerful, green cleaning solutions that actively break apart dirt and debris.

You can also get more than a carpet cleaning service quote from All-Round Cleaning Company- we clean upholstery and, in some locations, tile and grout. Our carpet cleaning quotes can also include our carpet protectants, special stain removal solutions, and odor destroyers that can get even the worst carpets looking, feeling, and smelling clean again. If you think you need any of those things, ask our representatives about them when you call in for your carpet cleaning online quote.

So, if you’re ready for your carpet cleaning quote, call us at 317-946-2762. We can’t wait for the opportunity to provide you with an exceptional residential carpet cleaning and show you why so many people are turning to All-Round Cleaning Company for their cleaning needs.

One thing that’s always been extremely annoying about a lot of carpet cleaners is their dry time. Our powerful truck mounted vacuum system extracts most of the moisture from your carpet that it will dry quickly. After a steam cleaning, your carpets can be wet for 2-4 hours.

All-Round Cleaning Company Carpet Cleaning is committed to using safe, non-toxic carpet cleaning products. Our non-toxic carpet cleaning solution is safe for all residential environments, including those with children and pets. To continue our efforts to provide non-toxic carpet cleaning, All-Round Cleaning Company All-Round Cleaning Company also uses neutral pH products that are gentle on fibers but tough on stains. That way we can keep you and your family healthy and safe with our non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions.

In order to remove carpet stains, people have gone to extremes. They’ve used strange tricks, odd cleaning agents, and numerous dyes, but what they fail to realize is that they don’t have to do all of this. Why? Because All-Round Cleaning Company is here to help. When it comes to carpet stain removal, we are, quite simply, experts. All-Round Cleaning Company All-Round Cleaning Company’s carpet cleaning system is extremely effective at removing carpet stains and making your carpet look and feel clean.

Smell is a strange thing. People don’t really notice that a home smells normal, but they instantly notice a home with a bad odor, and it becomes the only thing they think about. When the smell is coming from your carpet, you generally need professional carpet odor removal. We’re not talking about perfuming the carpet though, because that won’t do anything. A good scent will cover up the bad one temporarily, but a carpet odor remover will neutralize the source of the problem – carpet-dwelling bacteria.

Our carpet odor removal solution removes the source of the problem, acting quickly while still being safe for pets, children, and the environment. All Round Cleaning Company offers a highly-effective anti-microbial treatment that kills and inhibits the growth of a wide-range of nasty bacteria, fungi, and algae. With this treatment, the growth and development of those same microbes is inhibited, including the odors, stains, and deterioration they can cause. It’s a fantastic way to keep your home healthier.

After a carpet cleaning, some people get very anxious about carpet stains. They see their young daughter or son toddling around with some juice as a stain waiting to happen, or the dog as a ticking time-bomb of soiled carpet. Thankfully, we have a carpet protector designed to relieve those worries.

All Round Cleaning Company’s safe and effective Carpet Protectant was created to keep stains and spill from setting into the carpet, giving you the time you need to clean them up. This temporary carpet protection will help keep your carpet safe for six-months, and if a stain does develop, the carpet stain protector will greatly aid in the stain’s removal the next time you get your carpets cleaned.

Wool carpets are comfortable, luxurious, and can be a bit worrying to maintain. Wool is more delicate than synthetic fibers, after all, so you always want to be a bit more careful around them – especially when it comes to cleaning. At All Round Cleaning Company, we understand your concerns and that’s why we take pride in offering a wool carpet cleaning system that is completely safe.

We have the tools necessary to be the superior area rug cleaner – to get deep into the rug’s pile and remove debris, oil, and spots. Our cleaning solutions are formulated to safely break up stains. Add to that the thorough training our rug cleaning technicians receive and our great pricing, and we’re confident that our area rug cleaning services are just what you need. Our rug cleaning method can make your area rugs look and feel fresh once again.

Your furniture has done a great job giving you a place to relax and sit back. But after a long time without cleaning, your upholstered furniture will begin to show wear and look dingy, and that affects how people see the entire room. Our upholstery cleaners are well trained on how to take care of your furniture with our special upholstery cleaning system. We remove years of dirt and oils from your upholstery. No other company’s upholstery cleaning services will offer you this kind of dedication to restoring your worn furniture!

Our upholstery cleaning method will leave your furniture looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized. You won’t have to give up on that sad-looking sofa or tired recliner – just give us a call and give your upholstery a new lease on life!

If you come into a home and see spotless carpets and perfectly clean upholstery, you’d probably be impressed by the owner having kept it so clean. If you then see a filthy, stained kitchen floor, all that appreciation quickly dies. Clean tile and grout is important to any well put together home, and without it, everything else suffers. Who do you turn to, then, when you need a thorough tile and grout cleaning? All Round Cleaning Company. Our tile and grout cleaning business can help revitalize your tiled areas. This tile and grout cleaning service can help bring the tile and grout back to its original color, making it look years younger and improving the overall quality of your home.

We also have a sealant available to keep that clean tile and grout looking fresh and new. This protectant can be applied after cleaning tile and grout and helps prevent dirt from building up and stains from setting into the grout. All Round Cleaning Company tile and grout cleaning and sealing is the best way to keep your tiled areas looking healthy and your home beautiful.

Are you anticipating a move In/Out in the near future? moving is a big job. In fact, many people say that moving is one of the most stressful and exhausting life experiences. Getting your things in order, changing your address, scheduling transportation and moving services, perhaps changing school systems or going through a simultaneous career adjustment – it can all present a massive amount of work.

On top of it all, you have to make sure the home you’re leaving is clean (either to get your security deposit back for your apartment or to help ensure your house can sell) and that your new home is ready for move-in day. Let our experts at All-Round Cleaning company handle the details. We look forward to helping you ease a stressful time in your life. Whether you are moving out of your old home or moving into a new one, we can handle all your cleaning needs. Our move in & move out cleaning is carried out by dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure that all of your cleaning needs are met effectively and efficiently.

Cleanliness is imperative for a healthy, safe environment. It becomes more important when you are a tenant and you are moving to another house. Move-in and move-out cleaning is very important, because if you leave the place in a grimy, messy condition, your owner will refuse to return a heavy amount of the deposit you submitted at the time of agreement. If you want to get back your whole deposit, then take advantage of our services. All-Round Cleaning Company provides the best move-in or move-out cleaning services at reasonable rates. We always make sure that your house’s condition is clean and updated, and your landlord will receive the property back in pristine condition.

If you want to get back your whole deposit, then take advantage of our services. All-Round Cleaning Company provides the best move-in or move-out cleaning services at reasonable rates. We always make sure that your house’s condition is clean and updated, and your landlord will receive the property back in pristine condition.

If you want your hard-earned money back, then contact our professional move-in/move-out team. How much does a move in clean from All-Round Cleaning Company cost? It all depends on the size of your new home or apartment and the condition it is in. For the most accurate quote, call us to discuss the details of your move In/Out cleaning.

Attract New Tenants
Dirty properties never attract new buyers or tenants. Everyone wants to move into a house that is completely clean. Only our cleaning services will ensure your property is the perfect environment that will ensure a new buyer or tenant will take your place at the rates you want. Who doesn’t want a fresh start? A thorough move in cleaning gives new homeowners and tenants peace of mind knowing that their new living space has been scrubbed and disinfected from top to bottom. We always recommend performing a move in clean before you unload your personal belongings. This ensures that every inch of the room gets the attention that it needs.

You stuffed the dishes, de-jumbled the carport, employed the movers, and marked the papers. Presently what? Playing out a profound wipe before moving out is valuable to the two gatherings, particularly on the off chance that you have a security store on hold. In any case, move-out cleaning is anything but difficult to disregard. All things considered, you have greater things to stress over, such as moving into your new home or loft. All Around Cleaning Company offers adaptable move-in and move-out cleaning administrations to slide the change into your new space. Regardless of whether you need the whole house cleaned or simply certain things on your agenda, our expert housekeepers can help.

Figuring out how to clean hardwood floors is fundamental for ensuring and keeping up your lovely speculation. Since earth and grime can’t stow away on hardwood floors like they can on rug, cleaning your floors may appear “high support.” However, when you build up your very own daily schedule, the most ideal approach to clean hardwood deck won’t appear to be so troublesome.

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